GRIEP in Wisconsin
Griep's from different parts of Pomerania to several counties of Wisconsin, USA

  Wisconsin has more residents with German roots (54%) than anywhere else in the USA. Germans came in three waves. The first arrived 1820-1835 from southwestern Germany and the second, 1840-1860, came mostly from northwestern regions. The third wave started about 1880 and drew immigrants mainly from northeastern Germany to southeastern Wisconsin, where they worked in the burgeoning factories.

Among them were at least two Griep-families from Pomerania:
-- August Griep and his wife Henrietta Fischer, who settled around Manitowoc.
-- Herman Julius Griep and his family, who moved to Dodge county near Watertown.


From Koseeger, Pomerania (now Kozia Gora in Poland)

  August Griep was born on August 15, 1824. He married Henrietta Fischer, born in 1814, and lived at Koseeger, Kreis Kolberg in Pomerania. They had a son, Carl August Wilhelm Griep, born on November 23, 1849.
In 1869 they emigrated to America. On April 16, 1869 they arrived with the steamship America in New York. They settled in Wisconsin. Their son:

Carl Griep married Elisabeth F. Louise Krase (Elizabeth Martin) of Mishicot, Wisconsin, on January 19, 1878. They resided at Manitowoc for two years, and after that in Two Rivers.
He worked as a malster with the Mueller Bros. Brewing company. He died on March 3, 1928 from peritonitis. His wife died in 1934. They were both buried at Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

  • August Robert Griep (August) was born in 1878. He married Lena (1882-1959). He died October 1958 and was buried at the Forest View Cemetary at Two Rivers.
  • Henrietta Griep (Hattie) was born on February 9, 1881 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. She married a man named Kahrs.
  • Margareth W. Griep (Gretchen) was born on February 8, 1883 at Two Rivers, Wisconsin.
  • Carl Griep (Carl Jr.) was born on September 10, 1886.
  • William Griep (Will) was born in 1889 at Two Rivers, Wisconsin.
  • Fred Griep was born on December 22 (11?), 1892. He lived 1115 Madison Street, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and died in March 1979.

Standing left to right: Fred Griep, Gretchen Griep, August Griep, Will Griep.
Sitting left to right: Elizabeth Griep, Carl Griep Jr., Carl Griep, Hattie Griep Kahrs.


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Born July 2nd, 1845, at Wildenhagen, Pomerania (now: Gadom in Poland)

  Herman Julius Griep was born July 2, 1845 at Wildenhagen, Pomerania as the son of Carl Griep and Louisa Boetcher. When he was but 11 years old his father died and he had to earn his living as a day laborer. At 22 years of age he enlisted in the German Army and served for three years. In 1870, when he fought the French, a severe illness overtook him but he survived. After the war he married to Amilia Mathilda Bishoff (Emily), with whom he founded a hearth at Melstow near Greifenberg where he took up his old occupation as a day laborer.
In 1881 he came to America with his family and worked for a farmer near Hustiford, Wisconsin and soon was able to rent a farm. After several more years he was enabled to buy a farm of his own but he lost the greater part of his hard earned possessions at the hands of base defrauders. In 1905 he came to the Griep Farm South of Juneau Wisconsin. He died on Sunday morning Dec. 30, 1906 and was buried Jan. 2 at the Lutheran Cemetery. His wife died in 1939.
  Herman W. Griep (1871-1945)

Herman W. Griep was born in 1871 in Germany and came to the USA with his parents at the age of 12. In 1895 he married in Hustford to Augusta Drewlow, who was born on December 6, 1878 in Schwessow, Germany to Albert Drewlow and Bertha Wendt. They settled in Watertown and had five daughters and eight sons. In 1928 they moved to Milwaukee. His wife died on December 4, 1930. Herman Griep died at the age of 78 in a Milwaukee hospital, after a lingering illness, on February 19, 1945. He was buried at the Immanual cemetery.
Herman W. Griep had 12 children and 45 grandchildren:

  • Arthur Carl Griep was born on August 6, 1896 at Hustisford, Wisconsin. He served in WW-I. In 1919 he married Minnie E. Radloff from Aztalan and had five children (Erwin, 1922-1967; Elroy, 1923-1987; Lorraine, 1925-2003; Leona, LeVerne and Carl). He worked at the Waukasha Foundry in Waukesha and for the Town of Emmet as weed commissioner. He died on November 12, 1968, 'early in the morning in his sleep of an apparent heart attach'. His wife died in 1979 and both were buried at Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery.
  • Alvina Griep was born in 1898. She married to mr. Nienow and lived in Nashotah.
  • Bernard Griep (Ben) was born on February 20, 1901 in Neosho, Wisconsin. He married in 1925 to Lena Lierman. They lived at 109 Riverlawn Avenue, Watertown, Wisconsin and had a son (Bernard, 1925-1980) and a daugter (Angelina). Ben worked as a carpenter at A.R. Coffeen Company in Madison, at Brinkman Engineering in Oconomowoc and until his retirement at Aunt Nellie's Foods in Clyman, Wisconsin. He died on February 18, 1978 and his wife died in 1984. Both were buried at the Union Cemetary in Pipersville, Wisconsin.
  • Edward Erich Griep (Edwin) was born on February 20, 1901. He married Edna C. Haberkorn, who worked at the Mid-States Shoe Company in Watertown. They lived in Watertown and had five children (Marvin, Phyllis, Elizabeth, Donald Edwin and Eugene). He died on July 13, 1984 and his wife, 90 years old, in 1993. Both were buried at Saint Henrys Catholic Cemetary.
  • Ewald Griep was born on February 11, 1904 in Hustisford, Wisconsin. In 1928 he married Gertrude Knispel.
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    Their only daughter (Joyce) was born shortly after Ewald had died, 29 years old, on September 16, 1933. His wife and daughter than lived with her parents in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  • Richard Griep was his twin. He worked as a carpenter at Arthur Griebenow in Beaver Dam. He married Dora C. Gruhlke, lived with her in Ashippun until she died. In 1942 he remarried to Mabel Hazel Ehlert from West Bend, and had a son (Dwain). In WW-II he served in the South Pacific, stationed at Luzon. His second marriage ended in a divorce, and in 1953 he married Irene Hutchinson and lived with her in Beaver Dam. He died, 63 years old, on January 5, 1968 in Saint Agnes Hospital, Fond du Lac. He was buried with military honors at Oakwood Cemetery in Beaver Dam.
  • Elsa Griep (Elsie) was born on August 3, 1905 at Hustisford, Wisconsin. She married Edward Schultz and they went to live in Milwaukee. For 17 years she ran the 'Cozy Nook Gift Shop' on the corner of 12th en Burlough. They had two children (Donna and Kenneth). She died, 59 years old, in 1964 ans was buried at Pinelawn Memorial Park in Milwaukee.
  • Sadie Griep was born on April 5, 1907, in Neosho, Wisconsin. In 1924 she married William Sterwald Sr. and had three dochters (Francis, Donna and Shirley) and two sons (David and Kenneth). She died, 66 years old, in Saint Mary's Hospital in Madison.
  • Arnold Griep was born on April 13, 1909 in Hustisford, Wisconsin. In 1931 he married Marie Theresa McCarty. They had two daughters (Francis and Frieda) and thee sons (Franklin Herbert, David and Edward). They lived at Johnson Creek and Watertown, while Arnold worked as a carpenter at R&W Construction in Milwaukee. He died, 69 years old, on May 7, 1978. His wife died in 1983; both were buried at Saint Henry's Catholic Cemetery.
  • Ella Griep was born around 1912. In 1930 she married Ben Schaefer from Neosho, Wisconsin. He worked as a caretaker at Edgar L. Wood in Oconomowoc Lake, and at the Rexnord Chain Belt Division. The lived at Okauchee and Oconomowoc and had three children (Donald, Richard and Isabelle).
  • Herman Griep Jr. was born on March 21, 1913 in Wisconsin. He married Dorothy Koester and they went to live in Milwaukee. They had three sons (Carl, Ronald Robert and Mark Herman). He died on August 20, 1988, and his wife in 2003.
  • Evelyn Griep was born on August 29, 1916. She married mr. Dominy and live in Janesville, Wisconsin. She died on May 12, 2004.
  • Walter J. Griep was born on April 20, 1918. During WW-II he is stationed at camp Chafee, Arkansas. In 1940 he married Alice A. Pawelski from Milwaukee. They live at Watertown and had three children (Pam, Roger and Robert William). He died on August 21, 2003 and his wife in 2009. Both were buried at Glenview Memorial Gardens in Ixonia, Wisconsin.
  • Hugo Griep was born on June 10, 1921. In WW-II he was stationed on Cuba. In 1943 he married Wanda Lindsey. They lived in Salt Lake City and had a daughter. His wife died in 2001 en Hugo himself on March 2, 2008 in Salt Lake, Utah.

This family is being researched by Dan Rovinski,
who is married to a great-granddaughter of Herman W. Griep

  Gustave Griep (1875-1933)

Gustave Griep was born on December 10, 1875, in Kreis Naugard in Pomerania. In 1881 he came with his parents to America. He married three times. In 1905 he married Martha Ernestine Wilhelmine Zietlow, also from Naugard. They lived at Dodge, Wisconsin, and had a son. After her death he remarried Catherine Lacy, and had a daughter. Catherine died in 1923, and in 1929 he married Martha Bohnenstengel, the widow of his brother Bernard. They lived at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and had a daughter. Gustave died on October 21, 1933. He was buried at Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetary [zerk]. Zijn vrouw Martha overlijdt, 83 jaar oud, op 7 december 1977 in het Clearview Nursing Home in Juneau. Gustave and Martha resided just east of Juneau, Wisconsin. After their daughter's family had been living there, the homestead is now inhabited by their grandchildren.
His three children were:

  • Alvin W. Griep was born around 1907 in Wisconsin. He married Viola E.. They lived in Heman, Wisconsin and had three daughters (Betty Jane, Jean and  Virginia). In 1940 they divorced, zijn ze gescheiden. His wife went to live with her sister in Milwaukee, Alvin in Mukwonago with a housekeeper, and their children lived with the Bokelman family at Hutisford, Wisconsin.
  • Florence Griep was born around 1910 in Hustisford. She worked as a servant at the Mickelson family in Hartford. In 1933 she married Alvin Hansen and had two sons (James and Robert). After 14 years in Hartford, they moved to Milwaukee. She died on December 23, 1990 and was buried at Saint Bartholomew's Cemetary in Rubicon.
  • LoVilla Griep was born on April 18, 1931. In 1951 she married Lewis R. Pitzlin from Horicon, Wisconsin. They lived in Juneau, Wisconsin. Her husband died in 1995.
  Bertha Griep (1877-1953)

Bertha Griep was born November 30, 1877 in Germany. She married Richard Otto and had four children: Evelyn (married Louis Schumacher), Alice (married Arnold Prenzlow), Melvin (married Helen Kienast and lived on the Herman Julius Griep farm south of Juneau) and Amos (married Florence Coyer). Bertha Otto died on May 12. 1953.

  Alvina Griep (1879-1959)

Alvina Griep was born November 6, 1879. She married Carl Zietlow and had three children: Herman, Earl and Adeliene. She died April 13, 1959.

  Emil A. Griep (1881-1954)

Emil Griep was born May 24, 1881 in Germany. He married four times. His first marriage was to Lilly Kruger. Their children were Margareth Davis from Waukesha Wisconsin, Raymond Griep of Watertown, Gaylord Griep of Indiana, Gilbert Griep and Viola Griep. His second wife was Caroline (Lena) Olderman; with her he had a son: Norman Griep. He was also married to Hattie Feske and to Mae ... Emil Griep died December 29, 1954.

  Emily Griep (1884-1953)

Emily Griep was born June 20, 1884. She married three times. With her first husband, Herman Nietzel, she had four children: Harold, Rolan, Gertrude and Mildred. With her second husband Jacob Bokelman she had another son: Eugene. Her third husband was Paul Guse. Emily died January 29, 1953.

  Ella Griep (1886-1922)

Ella Griep married to Herman Kuehl and had five children: Goldie, Sadie, Marvin, Harvey and Gladys. Emma Kuehl died in 1922.

  Reinhardt Griep (1888-1909)

Reinhardt Griep was born September 15, 1888 in Hustinford, Wisconsin. In 1905 he moved to Juneau with his parents.
In 1907 he went to Minnesota, where he married Lorna Essman (also from Juneau, Wisconsin). They lived near St. Charles, Minnesota, and Reinhardt worked as a farm hand. While he was driving the cattle home one night, he received a wound from a wire fence. The accident resulted in blood poisoning and he died two weeks later on Tuesday July 27, 1909, at a hospital in Winona, Minnesota. His body was sent back to Juneau via train, accompanied by his wife and child, and he was buried south of Juneau in the Lutheran cemetery.

  Bernard Griep (1892-1925)

Bernard Griep was born on July 15, 1892. He married Martha Bohnenstengel. On August 8, 1925 he died from a severe injury sustained in a farming accident. In January 1926 his daughter Darlene Griep was born.


This information was provided by a granddaughter of Gustave Griep: Jenny Thiel of Juneau, Wisconsin.


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